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Member Business Spotlight

Johanne Poulin - Owner and Principal

Recent Winner of NKBA Award for Modern Master Suite

Project Guru's history started with their owner's passion for challenges and creative outlets:
designing and sewing her own wedding dress,  refinishing furniture, baking and decorating her sister's wedding cake for 200 were all projects she tackled while working the tough schedule of an OBGYN physician. But home remodeling had been an ongoing passion and became a complete focus when her family relocated from Boston to Walnut Creek, CA.

Project Guru's approach is first, to understand a project scope, each client's motivation, budget and style. Second, to simplify the selection process, create and present a clear and complete plan and partner with the client and installer/contractor for a successful result. 

Some projects require a scaled back, staged approach, which is key to understand. With today's technology, it is possible to redesign a space remotely: with room measurements and current photography of a space, renderings of proposed changes can be prepared and presented for many projects. All room elements from architectural details, to fabrics, lighting, cabinetry and furnishings, can be presented remotely, allowing clients to "see" their planned remodel before any demolition occurs.


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